First Workaway experience 

I’ve been in the Black Forest for over a week now, and have completely settled into the rhythm of my work here. On a Workaway placement, you volunteer abroad and receive meals and accommodation, as well as enough time off to go and visit the area you’re staying in. 

Bierhäusle Feldberg, where I’m staying and working for two months!

The first few days were quite hard, as I was the only volunteer, but it was an excellent chance to speak German and get to know my host family. It was also lovely to have time to explore the area myself and I’m pleased to have seen a lot of the places on my list already! 

The hotel I’m working at is completely surrounded by forest. It’s very beautiful, and I would absolutely describe it as being in a fairytale.

I went to the Falkau waterfall, which was a pretty walk, but I found the waterfall a bit disappointing! I’m sure it’s more impressive in Spring with the snowmelt.

And of course, I’ve already had some of the local beer, Rothaus. Apparently, it’s very high quality for a small local brewery.


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