Start of the summer adventures! 

The last few days in Switzerkand were lovely. The old town was very beautiful, with views right over the city. For the first time I learnt that Zurich was an important town in Roman times, which has given me plenty more ideas of places to visit.

I ended my time in Zurich with a trip to Clouds, the restaurant in the Prime Tower. It was the tallest building in Switzerland when it was first built!

On my last day, I took the train to Solothurn to visit a Scottish friend who was also saying in Switzerland with relatives!



It has been more than a year since I last posted an update, but I’m really happy to be updating the blog again. I’m having a really exciting year and I want to share some of what is happening at the moment.


2017 has already been amazing. I spent a week in Berlin with my friend Vivien and had the chance to see some of the Berlin districts and go to places I wouldn’t immediately think of. This was my fourth time in Berlin, but it’s great to see some new places there (as well as revisit my favourite ones). Some highlights were Prenzlauerberg and the older parts of Berlin such as the Nikolaiviertel, which are quieter areas of Berlin away from most tourists.



I’ve also had a couple of ‘holidays at home,’ spending a week in a guesthouse in Beauly near Inverness at Easter time and then another week camping near Dingwall in May. I love travelling in Scotland because I feel there are beautiful places to visit, gorgeous beaches and impressive history, just a few hours away from Glasgow. Having grown up with a membership to the National Trust for Scotland, I’ve discovered that I still love to visit castles and historic sites, just like I did as a child. Camping is always lovely and relaxing as well, although it is weather-dependent and we had to leave a day early because the ground had turned to marsh!


I also had a really wonderful opportunity to go to a conference at the Goethe Institut London for a day! It was a long day of train travel, and I was completely exhausted by the end of it, but it was so worth all the travelling because I spoke so much German and I was even able to see some of London! I love walking through cities on my own, because I can take my time and feel really anonymous. I felt really independent, particularly as I only got lost once!

Tomorrow is the start of a year filled with adventures, starting with a week in Zurich in Switzerland. I’m thrilled to be keeping a blog to update on everything that is happening and to keep track of all my experiences this year.



Switzerland 2017

This trip is the start of a year of German – speaking adventures! I’m currently staying with my aunt and uncle in Zurich, Switzerland. The weather has been absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to be telling you about what I’ve been doing the last few days. 

The day after I arrived, my aunt took me to Schloss Hallwyl, a gorgeous medieval castle complete with a moat and drawbridge! This is the first Swiss castle I’ve visited, and I really enjoyed wandering around it.

Another highlight was going out on lake Zurich in my uncle’s motorboat. There’s something so continental about taking the boat to a bathing area and swimming in the lake, surrounded by people barbecuing and relaxing on a Sunday morning. Getting the boat to an ice cream cafe is also very luxurious! 

Later that afternoon, I went to a lakeside party with my oldest cousin, Anne. It was held by a company promoting exchanges across the world, and was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet people from Argentina, Finland and Mexico. By far the best part was the chance to speak lots of German, and it’s the first time I can remember being so relaxed about speaking the language, and genuinely understand all the conversations. 

It’s been a wonderful trip so far, and I can’t wait to experience more of this culture (although I’m looking forward to having a rest today)!