General Update!

Hi again! It’s been far too long since I last posted, so I’m just going to keep you updated about what I’ve been doing since Christmas. Although I haven’t done any travelling since December, I still have a few interesting things to blog about.

Since I couldn’t go to Germany to see the fantastic Cologne Carnival, I went to my university’s mini version! All I can really say is that it involved plenty of beer, pretzels and German schlager music. I had a great time, despite it being a missed opportunity to practise my language skills.


Something you might not know about me is that I love Jane Austen novels. This obsession certainly reached a peak recently, because I’m now involved in the Glasgow University Jane Austen Society. One of their latest events was a group cinema trip to see “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”Although I had very low expectations to begin with, I think it was so crazy it worked! There was just enough zombie action to appeal to people who like that genre, and adequate regency romance for a group of Jane Austen fangirls to enjoy it. Our society members seemed to either love or hate it, but I think it’s worth watching if you’re not planning on taking it too seriously! In our discussion of the film afterwards, we agreed that it wasn’t the zombies which really made it funny – it was simply the free reign with the plot. Austen had originally intended “Pride and Prejudice” to be a comedy after all!

You can probably tell from the number of exclamation marks in this post, that I’m really getting into university life. I know I complain about it all the time, but I truly love my course and I can’t imagine this happening any other way. This semester has gone far too quickly, I honestly can’t believe I only have a few weeks left of first year. But I am really looking forward to the summer, because I might be attending a month-long language course in Italy!

I’m sorry if this hasn’t been a particularly interesting post, but I’m trying to get back into blogging after nothing for three months, and I promise I will have some entertaining stories the next time I post!



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