72 Hours in Munich

My first time in Munich was a really memorable one. My parents wanted me to basically do all the German speaking, so I felt like I worked for it!   On the first day, we got free entry (holiday planning is so worth it) into the Pinakothek der Moderne, a design museum. We didn’t want to exhaust ourselves early on, so we went into the basement, which is a condensed version of the design collection. The highlights were the Audi design wall and the history of computers!
Afterwards we went to the Englischer Garten, for beer and currywurst. This was accompanied by an oompah band, all wearing Bavarian hats and lederhosen, playing from the top of the Chineseische Turm.

Our second day started at the university, at a subtle memorial embedded in the pavement.

It commemorates Hans and Sophie Scholl and the White Rose anti-Nazi non-violent student resistance movement. They left flyers around the university, but were tragically caught by the custodian. I think it’s a very emotional, but fitting reminder.

We then wandered around Odeonsplatz, which has three pretty hideous statues, but gives you an amazing view through the main city. Marienplatz was our next stop, the most touristy area. It has a famous clock, with dancing figures and a knight gets knocked off his horse by a figure representing Bavaria.

If you’re following the pattern of the holiday, you’ll have guessed we finished the day with a beer. Hofbräuhaus has become one of my favourite places in Munich – it’s a Bier Halle on three floors, with yet another oompah band! We sat on the balcony above the courtyard, and watched dirndl-wearing waitresses carrying alarming amounts of beer and wurst.

Our last day was just as good! We had to do the touristy thing and visit Dallmyr, the oldest delicatessen in Munich. It is definitely worth it, but I guarantee it will make you hungry!

The Frauenkirche was also very beautiful. I was epecting another over the top baroque church, but it’s actually quite plain inside.

I had my first experience of being inside a statue that day! The Maiden of Bavaria is what my dad would call a “stonker.” It’s basically so big you can walk up inside it and get a view over Theresianwiesen, the area in  which Oktoberfest is held. You don’t get a particularly good view, and being inside the statue’s head is pretty weird. They were just setting up for Oktoberfest when we were there, so it was still worth a visit.

An afternoon in the Bavaria park Augustina Biergarten was a perfect way to end our short time in Munich.


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