Glamping in Switzerland (part 2)

I have a few funny stories about that holiday that I forgot to include in the previous post – my favourite one includes a really terrifying insect.It was late at night, and I had just managed to fall asleep (despite the people staying in the tent next to us, who talked loudly until 3am). My youngest cousin woke me up to tell me that there was a large insect beside him, so he couldn’t get to sleep.

When I finally woke myself up enough to look at it, I got the absolute fright of my life! No wonder he couldn’t get to sleep, if this thing was staring him in the face!

We eventually got it out of the tent, but I think we all spent the night worrying about what insects were lurking in our tents.  For lack of a better name, we called it “The Beast”.

One of the main highlights of the holiday was our trip to the  top of the Schilthorn. Although I’m not a huge fan of cable cars, the views from the top (2970 metres high) were amazing, and we even got to go in the revolving restaurant!

The view was more wild and exposed than I’d expected – and I was able to see the North face of the Eiger, something I’ve been really interested for ages. People have been climbing it to break records since the 1930’s, and the current record was set by Swiss climber Dani Arnold – 2 hours and 28 minutes.

The James Bond museum was good fun as well (although I was feeling a bit lightheaded from the altitude). I can now say I’ve sat in a Bond helicopter and the bobsled!


It was a great holiday, and I really enjoyed seeing some of my Swiss relatives too! Sorry the post is so short, but I might be bombarding the blog with posts in the next few weeks. I’m off for a 3 week holiday starting in Germany, travelling to Italy and ending up in Austria!


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