A fresh take on heritage

I’m currently on my second frappuchino, desperately using cafe wifi to within an inch of it’s life (we’re staying with my gran and she doesn’t believe in the Internet)!

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve been camping. We managed 6 nights under canvas before admitting defeat when the forecast suggested heavy storms!

We started off in Worcester, and went to a couple of National Trust sites. Biddulph Grange is a massive restored Victorian garden which features separate gardens with plants from all over the world, but you never know what’s coming next. One minute you’re surrounded by beautiful Acer trees and Chinese zodiac symbols, and the next, you’re face to face with an Egyptian Sphinx! It was just a great place to wander round, somewhere really fun to explore.
We also visited “Capability” Brown’s first landscaped garden. Not that the garden isn’t interesting (its lovely to walk around and we enjoyed the strategically placed deckchairs) but I’d rather talk about the house. It’s in a state of complete disrepair, probably couldn’t look much worse, and they’re slowly recovering layers of history. The Trust is trying to decide what to do with the house, which parts of it’s vibrant history to uncover. It had been a country home, followed by a boarding school, a wartime hospital, was taken over by the Hari Krishna in the 1970’s, and fell into disrepair 10 years later. I just found it particularly interesting, because a lot of these places are very similar restored stately homes, and you don’t really see the parts of history which they don’t want you to see!

The outside of the building was covered in scaffolding, but hey had specially built a platform to give visitors an unusual view.
Seems a shame to end it here, but I think I’ve outstayed my welcome in this cafe! More on the way when I get home to normal internet!


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