London Part 2 

Sorry about the wait – I’ve been camping, so Internet and phone signal have been hard to find. I’ve still got so much to say about my trip to London, though.

The day after the open air cinema, we went to the Tate Modern. Mairi was not remotely impressed! Modern art is evidently not her thing – it’s usually mine, but even I had to admit it was a stretch that day. Grey squares, followed by green squares, and the occasional empty box made the whole thing a little weird.

We wandered down South Bank, towards Tower Bridge. Certainly my favourite part of London, it’s so quirky and there’s always so much going on. We saw the set for “This Morning,” the TV show, being prepared, but although we hung around for ages we didn’t see anyone interesting.

We watched the skaters underneath the Southbank Centre, and went on the “beach”! After a lot of walking, we drank huge ice coffees, and got the tube to the British Museum.

Mairi really wanted to see the Lewis Chessmen – she stood in front of the cabinet saying they should be displayed in Scotland, even though they’re technically Scandinavian! They were impressive, but hard to find, and we were exhausted very quickly. The Roman and Greek sections were amazing, but I found myself really lagging, desperate never to see another clay pot again!

We wandered back to Russel Park afterwards, and sat out in the sunshine. It was great to just people-watch. Given how far we walked that day, it was great to stop!

The day after that was our last day in London. Too tired to do anything else, we went to Covent Garden Market, and then on to the National Portrait Gallery. We’re both Jane Austen fans, so we went to see THE portrait of the author herself. A bit of an anticlimax – it’s smaller than a postcard and not even half finished! The BP Portrait artist of the year exhibition was lovely to see, but I had to rush because we were getting the train back that afternoon.

There were a lot of places on our list that we didn’t see, but I think we did pretty well considering we only had a few days! We both had such a lovely time, and I feel like I have a little more trust in my navigation skills!


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