Yesterday I returned home from a trip to London with my friend Mairi. It was our first experience of travelling without having someone to meet us at the other end, and although we were slightly nervous about getting lost, we both had an amazing time and packed so much into the four days we were there. Thanks to the kindness of Mairi’s uncle, we were able to stay in a beautiful flat in Kensington – for free! It was perfect, and allowed us to have long days out and collapse as soon as we got back.

After a 5am start and the extremely boring train ride down on Monday, we went to Harrods at the first opportunity (it seemed perfect, considering where we were staying). I couldn’t believe that it was a shop so famous it had its own gift shop!

We decided that wasn’t tiring enough, so we went to the Natural History Museum. I really enjoyed the dinosaur exhibition, but I was so exhausted by this point that every skeleton blurred into one rather confusing dinosaur. The displays were very impressive, though. How they managed to get a full size replica of a blue whale and a polar bear into one room I will never know!

 The second day was just as manic as the first! The bus tour was worth the price and the early start, because we took photographs of just about every famous area in London. We got off at Trafalgar Square (Bizarrely, it’s now illegal to feed the pigeons there) and walked to Foyles, which supposedly has the largest collection of books of any bookshop in Britain. We both spent more money than we intended to! The bus journey took us across Tower bridge, which, although it’s a cliche, was great in a very touristy way.

We then took a boat ride from Westminster to Bankside Pier – I actually thought it was better than the bus tour, but it’s because South Bank is my favourite part of London! The commentary on the boat tour was just hilarious, in that truly British cynical and sarcastic way, and for the entertainment value, I just can’t recommend it enough.

That evening, though, was the highlight of the entire holiday. For the British Summer Time Hyde Park free film festival, we were sitting on the grass inside a large fenced-off area, and with headphones which connected to the screen, alongside an insane number of people. I don’t know how to begin to describe what it was like to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in Hyde Park, in the evening sunshine, with free popcorn! It was relaxing but, at the same time, one of the most exciting parts of the holiday.

I’m nowhere near finished here, there’s so much I still need to write about this amazing holiday, but I’m afraid that will have to wait! More on the way soon.


Senior Prom 2015

Hi again!

I know this isn’t really to do with travelling, but high school prom is a rite of passage and an experience which I want to document and remember. This is going to be quite personal and maybe even a little sentimental, so it’s very different from my last post.

Getting ready, although I don’t like to admit it, was really fun. I don’t usually wear makeup, and I had my nails done for the very first time (which means typing this is awkward). I understand why everyone goes all out for this one night, because it does make you feel pretty amazing. Although my dress was not the floor-length Cinderella ballgown I had imagined, and I started the night feeling a bit self-conscious, I had the absolute time of my life! I think it was pretty special for my parents too – my mum helped me choose the outfit, and apparently they enjoyed seeing me wearing something other than Doc Martens!

  That’s me on the left, in the dark blue.

I was completely overwhelmed when I walked in the venue. There’s something lovely about the Glasgow Fruitmarket’s combination of twinkling fairy lights, old shop signs and twisting, decorative ironwork. I never expected such wonderful treatment: table service and candelabra made it feel truly magical. I honestly can’t imagine a better way to celebrate my time at school!

I had prepared myself for an evening of standing on the edge of the dancefloor, but was persuaded by teachers and friends alike to actually dance (well, if shuffling gently on uncomfortably high heels could be called that)! I’m so glad I did, because, even if my friends and I looked a bit crazy, we had a fantastic time. I’m still embarassed that the teachers seemed more familiar with the songs than I was! When the dancing began, everyone stopped thinking about what they were wearing – most shoes were dumped somewhere by this point anyway – which made me forget about how I looked and allowed me to totally relax.

I can’t believe how many goodbyes I had to say in one evening. Although I’ve been complaining all year about how I can’t wait for university, I was really quite emotional about leaving such a huge part of my life behind me. I can’t say it’s been an easy 6 years, but I have come to know so many wonderful and inspiring people. I’m just going to miss you all so much! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me become the person I want to be.

My very first post!


I will be using this to document and share my travel experiences – I’m not very reliable when it comes to posting, but I’ll try to blog fairly regularly. Because this is travel themed, it will be most active when I’m travelling. I’ll be able to include some of my photographs here, and if you like those you can see more on my Instagram:

It’s great how my first post on a travel blog is when I’m travelling! I’m currently on a family holiday in Beauly, a little Scottish town near Inverness. We were planning to camp, but at the last minute we decided the weather just wasn’t good enough. Even so, it’s been pretty amazing so far!

We went to see the Burghead Pictish well near Nairn. Unique in Scotland, it’s

better described as a high stone chamber with a natural pool inside, with stone steps leading down to it. The purpose is thought to be a religious shrine, or even an early baptism pool, as it seems too specific for a well, and it’s not even an ideal water source. We actually saw a blackbird nesting near the entrance to the pool, which shows how few people must visit this relatively unknown gem. I’ve never been so close to a nest before either, and that was really special to see.

Yesterday we headed to Chanonry Point. It’s a wonderful place to see wild dolphins, if you’re willing to wait around in the cold! We saw about ten dolphins, sometimes in pairs, and stood watching them for a good half hour (even with three winter coats and a jumper, I couldn’t have survived the wind any longer)! Something about the currents there makes the dolphins come in close to the beach to feed, so we were able to see them very clearly. They were wheeling in the water, and occasionally jumped right out! Once one starts playing, there’s some friendly competition and they all want to – it’s a truly amazing sight, and completely unexpected. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos, so you’ll have to just take my word for it!

It’s only a few days into the holiday, and already I’ve had some unforgettable experiences. Hope you liked my first blog post, more on the way soon.